Great West Engineering Helped Navigate All aspects of This Project

The new intake was one of the most detailed and extensive civil work project the City of Laurel has ever undertaken.  Great West Engineering was tasked with the intricacies of a project of this scope and performed very well.  The new intake project was a very difficult project to complete as we had to deal with wetlands, a major river, multiple property owners, and multiple government agencies to acquire the proper construction permits.  Great West Engineering’s consultants helped navigate all aspects of this project and should be commended for their efforts.

Kurt Markegard, Public Works Director

City of Laurel

Most valued aspect to my project

The firm’s experience and knowledge in landfill design engineering is the most valued aspect to my current project. I would retain Great West again in the future because they’ve done a good job and done what they said they would do with no concerns.

Ken Behling, Division Manager,

City of Billings

Best in the entire country

Great West is a very knowledgeable firm, in fact more so than previous firms I have worked with. Great West’s hydrologist is in my opinion among the best in the entire country. I don’t see any reason why I would shop around for another firm.

Bruce Hansen, Chairman

Gallatin County Solid Waste Management District

Thanks for your SPEEDY help

Thanks for your SPEEDY help in all of this. I really appreciate it, and only wish we would have worked with you from the beginning.

Jody Troupe,

Tim Long Guest Cabin

Thank you for all of your great work

Thank you for all your great work on the design and PS&E package for this project with the tight time schedule.

Larry Shepherd,

Copper Falls Trail Bridges

I believe strongly in Great West’s total value

I believe strongly in Great West’s total value and total competency. Great West’s communication skills are very good; they have always been highly responsive to emails and telephone calls.

John Kattell, Regional Engineer

USDA Forest Service

Great to work with

Thank you Great West for answering all my questions, you guys are great to work with.

Lisa Roberts

Madison Byways

Pleased with the extra mile

Great West has gone out of their way to facilitate a timely response to any projects we had. I am very pleased with the extra mile Great West will go to make sure a project is completed properly.

Dave Schulz, Commissioner

Madison County

Customer service is so outstanding

Sometimes I felt guilty about calling Great West about an issue because they would drop everything they were doing and get right to it. The customer service is so outstanding that it would be hard for others to out match it.

Dennis Hoyem, Commissioner

Stillwater County

On track and ahead of schedule

Great West has kept us on track and ahead of schedule. The fact that you know the same person you’re dealing with all of the time and you can call him up on the phone any time is the most valuable aspect of Great West’s service. I appreciate the firm’s reliability and responsiveness. Great West is very customer oriented and personable. They are very happy to do whatever you ask them to. They treat you like you’re their best customer.

Phil Hathaway, Commissioner

Sweet Grass County

We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed

Engineering is more than concrete and math. It is about designing solutions that solve community problems. For more than 30 years we have been dedicated to helping small communities improve their way of life. We specialize in helping communities find external project funding and with relieving the administrative burden that often results in working with grants and funding programs. We consider ourselves successful when we are able to develop a long-term relationship with our client and count ourselves as part of their community.

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