Solid Waste

On-call Solid Waste Engineer

On-call Solid Waste Engineer

Gallatin County, MT

Project Features

When Great West was hired in 2005 the Gallatin County Solid Waste District faced major challenges. The incoming tonnage nearly quadrupled from 30,000 tons/year to 115,00 tons/year. The existing scale facility and Master Plan for the construction of a 1.5 acre cell were inadequate for the major increase in tonnage. Great West assisted the District in the fast-track construction of a new scale/scale house facility, preparation of a new Master Plan and design of the Phase 3 cell. Over a 1.5 year period the District completed excavation of nearly 600,000 cubic years of material and constructed the lined cell.

Project Activities

  • Construction Administration
  • MEPA/NEPA Compliance
  • Permitting
  • Operation & Maintenance Plan
  • Hydrogeolic & Soils Investigation
  • Montana DEQ Licensing


  • Landfill Master Plan (2006)
  • Scale and scale house improvements (2006)
  • Phase 3 expansion cell (2007)
  • Corrective measures (on-going)
  • Groundwater and gas monitoring (on-going)
  • Alternative cover demonstration (2010)
  • Leachate pond upgrade (2011)
  • Phase 2 closure (2012)
  • Operations and Maintenance Manual
  • Performance and capacity evaluations (on-going)
  • Equipment wash bay (2014)\
  • Licence expansion for composting
  • Phase 4 cell design (on-going)
  • Streambank stabilization project (2014)

Project Photos